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Ford Pro™ Service

More Convenience, More Uptime.

Keeping your fleet on the road is essential. That’s why we’ve taken the hassle out of maintenance and service with solutions that minimize downtime to keep your fleet powered and productive.

At Your Service

We make it easy to get back on the job in no time. With convenient service options across the country, you can quickly get your fleet vehicle the care it needs to keep working for you.

Male Ford Pro™ technician with a laptop speaking to a man while they look under the hood of a vehicle.

Mobile Service

Maximize efficiency by having a mobile unit come to your job site or facility to service multiple vehicles at a time. We’re continuing to add mobile units across the country to make getting service even more convenient. Search for a dealer near you that offers mobile service1.

Dealers and Commercial Vehicle Centers

Wouldn’t it be great to get service from centers and dealers who are experts in commercial fleets? We have a nationwide network that does just that. And we’re expanding our network of commercial vehicle centers with large-bay service hubs and extended hours, so you get your vehicles back to work sooner.

Ford Pro TM technicians working on vehicles inside a large service garage.

Competitive Pricing
for Fleets of All Sizes

Male Ford Pro™ technician in a service garage plugging a charger into a van, the hood of the van is open.

Ford Pro Maintenance

We let you know what you’re going to pay before you pay. See pricing for common maintenance services, including oil changes, wiper blade replacement and more, so you can be prepared for the road ahead.

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National Fleet Parts Pricing Program

Fleets of 50 vehicles or more may be eligible to receive National Fleet Parts Pricing. Find out if your fleet qualifies today.

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Coverage When You Need It Most

Ford Protect®

Peace of mind is priceless when you manage a fleet. With a Ford Protect Extended Service Plan, you’ll get coverage for miles down the road, plus customer service that’s there for the unexpected twists and turns.
Smiling female Ford Pro™ employee standing behind a desk and talking to a male customer.

Fleet Monitoring

Let us keep an eye on your fleet vehicles while they’re at a dealer or Commercial Vehicle Center. We’ll even have a dedicated specialist track your vehicle’s progress and give you updates on care and repairs if your vehicle is with us for an extended time. Available now in California and coming soon to your area.
Man sitting at a desk in front of computer monitor with his hand on the phone.

Simplify Service and Maintenance

Managing your fleet’s service and maintenance needs is a breeze. Thanks to Ford Pro programs, you can easily stay on top of what your fleet needs and parts-and-service billing.

Man sitting at a desk in front of two computer monitors with his hand on the computer mouse. In the background there’s an employee, boxes and a van.

Ford Pro Telematics Essentials

Make sure your fleet runs smoothly by keeping track of each vehicle’s needs. If you haven’t already, activate complimentary2 Ford Pro Telematics Essentials to see in-depth telematics, diagnostic checks, recall info and more from a single dashboard to help keep your fleet running at its best.

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Ford Pro™ client in a garage looking under the hood of a vehicle. In her left hand she is holding a small lamp to illuminate the engine.

Ford Fleet Care

Every fleet owner knows the importance of saving time and money. With Ford Fleet Care billing, customers who choose to self-manage their fleet vehicle repairs and parts, purchases can receive a consolidated, straightforward invoice, replacing multiple repair orders and parts invoices to reduce paperwork and hassle. See if Ford Fleet Care is right for your business and open an account.

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