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Ford Pro™ Telematics

It Works for Business

From oil life status and tire pressure to driver performance and vehicle location, it’s amazing how connected you can be to your modern fleet. The no-charge Ford Pro™ Telematics Essentials
and subscription-based Ford Pro™ Telematics are easy-to-use web applications that collect and interpret key data from your fleet vehicles, then provide insights that will help you get the most from your vehicles and from the people who drive them.

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Start With Essentials at No Cost

Activate the indispensable features from Ford Pro™ Telematics Essentials.
Know the health and status of every vehicle in your fleet to stay ahead of unexpected repair costs and unwanted downtime. Enrollment with Ford Pro™ Telematics Essentials is simple and comes at no additional charge with every Ford fleet vehicle. So, what are you waiting for?

Upgrade to the Full Ford Pro™ Telematics Experience

Once you experience the benefits of the Essentials, we’re confident you’ll want to upgrade to get the most out of Ford Pro™ Telematics.
With the upgrade, you get GPS fleet tracking, driver behavior insights and the Ford Pro™ Telematics Drive app. What's more, a Ford Pro™ Telematics subscription is not Ford-exclusive and can be used in any vehicle, provided they have a compatible plug-in device installed.
Ford Pro™
Telematics Essentials

Available now, at absolutely no cost to you:

100% Complimentary:
For the life of your Ford fleet vehicle.
Easy-to-Read Ford Pro™
Telematics Dashboard Interface
Vehicle Health Alerts
Planned Maintenance Tracking
Dealer Scheduling Capability
Ford Pro™ Telematics

Upgrade now for only $20.00/month/vehicle. You’ll get all the benefits of Ford Pro Telematics Essentials, plus:

Driver Behavior Insights
Easy-to-Read Ford Pro™ Telematics
Dashboard Interface
Vehicle Health Alerts
Planned Maintenance Tracking
Service History
Real-Time Location Tracking & Event Tracking
GPS Fleet Tracking & Location History
Fuel Efficiency, Idling & Waste
Ford Pro™ Telematics Drive App
Non-Ford Vehicle Support
Stay in the Know About All Things Ford Pro™

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